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Because yes!

We can all invent the most diverse and creative ways to offset our negative impact on the environment. At Herdade da Moita we believe that with small changes we can have a very big impact!

We have implemented a set of initiatives that seek, essentially, to eliminate our impact on the environment, avoiding emissions. When it is not possible to completely eliminate our impact when carrying out some activities, we look for the most efficient method of carrying them out.

That's why:

  • The laundry service is performed by an external company, which manages to achieve a scale of energy efficiency and water savings, impossible for a small unit like ours.
  • We have adopted a water use reduction program in which, using a small dam that reuses the water that flows from adjacent irrigated land, we are able to irrigate our gardens
  • We heat the water with solar panels, but even so and because there are more cloudy days or because the consumption on that day was higher than expected, we have to use a boiler.
  • We only buy local (50 km radius)
  • We are going to diversify the cultivation of vegetables and we believe that soon everything that will be consumed will be produced on the farm.

Despite these initiatives, which seek to avoid negative impacts, we want more and for this reason, in partnership with treethis , we will offset the carbon emissions of our customers. There are several ways to become planters. However, it has been shown that reforestation projects, managed by professionals, in protected areas and with specially chosen species, provide more guarantees.

By booking directly with us, we promote the planting of trees, in areas where the strong impact of climate change is already felt, and in sufficient numbers to offset their carbon footprint. Go Green!

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